Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Using Linux Operating Systems for Bible Research

I have had fun experimenting over the last year or so with Linux computer operating systems. Many of these operating systems are available for free download. I am particularly impressed with the Ubuntu distribution;

Ubuntu 10.04 Gnome Desktop

and the lightweight derivative Lubuntu has extended the life of my favorite 2005 year model laptop, probably for several years into the future.

The Linux operating systems are an amazing resource, and I can’t help to think of the potential for the use of Linux systems to promote biblical research in less developed parts of the world. There are also Bible software programs freely available for use on Linux systems. My favorite among these is Xiphos.

Xiphos 3.1.3 Showing the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible

I will be a very happy man when the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible finally has Hebrew morphology attached. At the moment it has been tagged with Strong’s numbers, but it is still a great resource.


Moe Bergeron said...


I notice you are an advocate of Linux use. We have that in common. Presently enjoying Mint and I'm considering giving Mint's newest flavor a go.

As a side note I do appreciate your many posts and have continued using them. Would you have a picture of your likeness somewhere? Thank you again for the permission to repost your excellent thoughts.

Moe Bergeron

Steven Coxhead said...

Hello Moe,

Yes, I enjoy using Linux. The various Linux operating systems are a great resource. My family has moved recently from Ubuntu to Mint, but I'm still happy with my minimal Ubuntu running with Openbox. It requires more time setting it up, but you learn so much more.

The photo that you have of me on christmycovenant.com was taken several years back now, but it still resembles my current likeness.

Thanks for getting in touch, and all the best with your website!