Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to the Berith Road Blog!

Welcome everyone to the Berith Road blog. I haven’t been keen to start up my own blog, being concerned about time factors; but there are a number of people interested in some of my views. Apparently I am a controversial person. I have always sought to be sensitive to God’s word in a determined effort to understand the word of God rather than put forward my own views. If anything is controversial here, I believe that it is God himself. It is easy to follow the crowd, to say what people want you to say, even in Christian circles. We might think that we’re at the forefront of evangelical ministry, that we understand the true meaning of grace; but all the same, despite the truth that we know, are we still guilty of limiting God to a box of our own making, guilty of turning the cosmos-transforming gospel of God’s grace into a nice neat set of evangelical truisms? When was the last time you felt the word of God deconstructing your own personal theological grid? As those who are committed to the Bible as God’s word, we have to be willing to examine all of our theological understandings in the light of Scripture, even those we cherish the most. So for the sake of friends, students, casual observers, and even those who would see themselves as opponents of mine, I have started this blog. Even if you don't always agree, I hope you will find my occasional musings helpful in your walk in life, which I hope is that of a faithful disciple of the Lord Jesus.

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sujomo said...

Hi Steve,

Welcome to blogosphere.

It is always good to be stimulated by what you and others write on their blogs. Particularly if we are stimulated to consider what the Bible is really saying - ie both specific sections of the Bible or the message of the Bible as a whole - rather than our cherished traditions despite their reinforcement over the centuries. May all readers of your blog do what the Bereans did viz check and double check what the Scriptures actually say.
cheers, sujomo