Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pete Cabrera Jr: A False Prophet?

Here is a screenshot of a Facebook discussion involving me and Pete Cabrera Jr earlier today. It emerged as a result of an article by me entitled “A Critique of Pete Cabrera’s View on Sickness and Healing.” The screenshot was taken just in case Pete decides to delete the discussion (which it looks like he already has).

Pete claims that he has the authority of Christ to be able to heal people. I genuinely asked Pete to perform a long-distance healing for a disabled boy I know, called Ryan, on analogy with what Jesus did for the official’s son in John 4:43–54. In the end Pete claimed that the Holy Spirit told him that I was playing games, and that my story “doesn't hold water.”

For those of you who know Ryan—a number of my readers do—what should we conclude? Is Ryan and his condition fake? If the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, then sadly I really do wonder what spirit Pete has been in communication with.